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The reason for creating this site was so that people's hearts would be drawn to God in more of a personal way, as opposed to viewing Him as someone who is distant, afar and inaccesible. God is very personal and has created each of us for a special purpose. One of His goals for our lives, is that we use the calling He's given us in order to gain more ground while furthering His kingdom here on earth. Ultimately, reaching out to those who He may send across our path.

Often times, we can't see what God is doing but I assure you that He is always at work in one way or another. He desires that no one would perish but that all would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and not spend eternity apart from Him. The heaven's rejoice whenever someone is saved. Who knows what might have happened, had He not used someone just like you in order to touch the life of someone else.

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